Avalanche VC

‘Historical change is like an avalanche. The starting point is a snow-covered mountainside that looks solid. All changes take place under the surface and are rather invisible. But something is coming. What is impossible is to say when.’

Investing pre-Avalanche in web3, decentralization, and empowerment.

we love companies that help people earn, learn, own, and choose.




Katelyn Donnelly

Katelyn Donnelly
Managing Partner

Katelyn Donnelly

Eric Scott Lavin
Venture Partner


Arvind Nagarajan
Venture Partner

Contact at hello @ Avalanche dot vc


We're not looking for a unicorn. We're looking for an avalanche. We invest in early-stage tech companies enabling decentralization and empowerment. We have a keen eye for founders who know why they care – because that's an unstoppable force.

We believe these trends are obviously the future.

We have a strong emphasis on the ownership economy: companies that reimagine how founders and management teams can co-create value with their stakeholders.

Behind every great company is an answer to the question Why Do You Care?

More to come.


MAcro Avalanches

  • Everything Software-Powered, Cloud-Based, and On-Chain

  • Distributed Ownership and Tokenized incentives

  • Generational and Demographic Changes

  • Decentralization & web3

  • Deep analytics and data

Micro Avalanches

  • New forms of government and governance

  • Micro-business and Freelance Economy

  • Pedagogy-Driven Learning Content

  • Lifelong Learning and Upskilling

  • Access to Equity and Ownership

  • Everything Available On-Demand

  • Vertical Labor Marketplaces

  • Everyone is an Entrepreneur

  • Unbundling of Universities

  • Humanizing the enterprise

  • Remote and Hybrid Work

  • No Code and Low Code

  • Rise of the Metaverse

  • Online Communities

  • Ownership Economy

  • Arm the Rebels